Offers you the 3 main pillars of international trade: ocean solutions for your export needs, air solutions when cargo is time constraint and logistics for your key supply chain activities.


Our Core Competence

Our mission is to provide our clients highly developed access to genuine worldwide import-export markets through unlimited technology. We specialize in industry development and safety of your shipping needs and requirements; it’s our priority. We offer a variety of international air cargo solutions and ultimate customer service. Moreover, we provide personalized sea freight service. Our expertise, technology, and global reach can help you cut back costs and increase efficiency.





We Are Transport

Leave it in our hands so you can focus on your business. We’ve got you covered. Trada Global offers a custom-made service. Over 25 loads are sent every week by Tradia Global’s Ocean Freight division. Our company is present in all major cities and ports through vast agents network and strong presence in Latin America & U.S.A, which remains the largest ocean freight market globally.

We Are Trading

Rest assure you can benefit from our expertise delivering effective solutions to the complex global supply chains for several companies. Literally benefit from every innovation, whether it’s simply adapting our Air and Ocean Freight, a warehousing development, or a new integrated supply chain model.

We Are Trade Data

Through our business intelligence division, a.k.a Import Radar we allow you to evaluate potential suppliers based on their true shipping histories and customer lists, get hands down on what companies are importing and who they buy from overseas and monitor competitors & find new customers in global trade

We Are Logistics

Not only does Tradia Global make sure to combine added value services in logistics but also in single logistics manufacturing services, also known as LMS. We do this to assist customers maximize their profits and stay ahead of competition.

How we work.

Tradia Global´s values don´t just stick to words, they´re in our very core on a daily basis.
For all of us, not only do we believe in values, but also rather behave in keeping and developing our values

1 Performance – we continuously commit to long-term sustainable and long-lasting development and financial success. To put it into perspective, we strive to outlast most of the competition in the freight forwarding industry by state-of-the-art performance.

2 Trustworthiness - it's the driving force which leads our behavior and attitude towards success, all of us and most importantly, our customers. Simply put, our motto is keeping our promises and a fair-play mentality according to the rules and regulations.

3 Dedication - wonder how we create value for our customers? Our willingness through our solutions and by anticipating your business needs has enhanced our dedication year after year. Besides knowing our business, we're constantly looking to create value for our partners.

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