import export business latin america

The Import Export Business Latin America

Why create an Import Export Business Latin America focused?

Until recent years, the import export business Latin America has been looming across the globe where demand requires it. Where is that? The answer is simple: emerging economies. Think about it: all the countries considered to have emerging economies require all sorts of goods and services from different types of industries in order to fully bloom and provide growth for their population. Makes sense why the import export business Latin America has penetrated these markets; to replenish and provide new ways in which the population of growing economies can have access to all type of products.

Now, to enlighten all business entrepreneurs out there who wish to test the waters and seek for bigger and greater opportunities in foreign markets, we’ll focus on in one geographic region specifically: Latin America.

That’s right, you’ve heard it right. Latin America is one of the largest and fastest growing economic blocks in the world. The fact that Rio de Janeiro will be hosting the 2016 Olympics—the first time the games will be held in South America—is one indicator that it’s a region the world is taking more seriously. Most of the countries have been growing steadily for a few years now at rates as high as 9 percent a year.

Uruguay is praised worldwide for its careful management, unlike some EU countries. Colombia is making huge progress in terms of investment ratings, and many [South American] countries are signing trade agreements with EU countries. Panama has become a world renown logistic partner with the Panama Canal  and a ‘Swiss’ type financial hub in the region.

However, it is also one of the most complex and difficult economic blocks within which to conduct business.

Understanding individual country market requirements, market size, market pricing, economic trading partner relationships and cultural differences can mean the difference between success and failure.

There’s only one way to be successful with an import export business in Latin America: with exceptional Business Intelligence. That’s when we come in.

Tradia Global Internacional™ through IMPORT RADAR™ Business Intelligence Service provides detailed individual country market data and competitive product positioning information to support strategic and business planning. Tradia Global Internacional™ also provides support throughout this process, from setting business objectives to  international sales campaign for your products and services to qualify prospects to negotiate.

And it gets better.

Tradia Global Internacional™ logistics management service also provides detailed information on product certification, IVA, VAT, freight, customs duties, sales tax and title transfer requirements to give you detailed local market access requirements and local market landed cost for your product. All of these at your complete disposal, with full access 24/7, wherever, whenever.

Our clients also get South American customer service representatives, a sales team, supply chain management and logistical support, strategic planning and reporting, and IT infrastructure.

You’ll be prepared to make the best decisions possible. Trust us; we can assure you’ll be hooked in seconds to develop your import export business with our business intelligence.