Latam Trade

Why export to Latin America? Learn everything from LATAM Trade

LATAM Trade has increased by 219% for US and 89% for Western Europe.

There are significant opportunities between Europe and LATAM Trade. According to a 2012 World Bank study, many Latin American countries have experienced rapid economic growth over the past decade, lifting some 50 million people into the middle class. This LATAM Trade increase of the middle class population has led to changes in consumption patterns in the region, which have expanded export and investment opportunities between US, Western Europe and Latin American countries. Key growth sectors include, oil and gas, mining and metals, infrastructure, information and communication technologies.

In order of export market size in LATAM trade, exports grew by 17% to Brazil; 4% to Venezuela, -6% to Argentina; 7% to the Dominican Republic; 3% to Colombia, and 13% to Chile.

China is now on the move

Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed to create a $20bn fund to finance infrastructure projects in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The fund was announced at the end of a summit hosted by Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff that marked the launch of the China-Latin America-Caribbean Forum on July 22nd this year, as a new wave for LATAM Trade.

“They proposed to do it immediately so that it can be ready next year. This money is an exclusively Chinese proposal,” Rousseff told reporters in Brasilia, adding that the fund would have initial capital of $10bn.

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