Logistically Adding Value

Not only does Tradia Global make sure to combine added value services in logistics but also in single logistics manufacturing services, also known as LMS. We do this to assist customers maximize their profits and stay ahead of competition.


Our comprehension is adding value through our services. We are uninterruptedly offering highly aggregated Logistics Manufacturing Services (LMS) to our customers. Simply said, LMS offering includes assembly of manufacture and testing, specific distribution, set up and add-on services such as repair, restructure and reselling. In addition, Tradia Global just recently is giving the possibility to our customers to customize their products through a global supplier and provide their production closer to consumer demand.

Blend inventories and your consumer demand

Need to match consumer demand ASAP? With our distinctive focus in inventory planning and forecasting demand, together with leading resources, Tradia Global enables our customers to foresee and position their inventories, ensuring to match consumer demand. With this approach, our customers are placed in a position to maximize revenue at the best profitable cost , reducing total amount of stock related to inventory.

Analytics Enhanced

Through a wealth of data that we systematically mine at many touch-point ports and matching our customers’ products at any given time, we put to work our business knowledge with an integrated cut-edge business intelligence tool allowing us to analyze, design and carry out logistics scenarios, efficiently managing assets.

Supply Chain Solution

With a market on the rise for supply chain solutions demand, companies acknowledge the cost / time ratio, looking for all types of savings through smarter analysis processes for shipping products.

Here at Tradia Global, we have one target: set up better and improved supply chains with custom solutions easy to deliver and deliver high efficiently supply chain standards.

Inbound & Outbound


  • vendor managed inventory
  • inbound to manufacture
  • postponement
  • reverse logistics
  • empty returnables
  • spare parts logistics
  • merge in transit

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Flexible facilities in size and
easy to equip, allowing us to accommodate individual
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Our vast network links our hubs, sub-hubs, gateways as well as air and ocean
freight services.
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End-to-End Solutions

Tradia Global builds solutions around our core services of Air Freight, Ocean Freight and Logistics to facilitate a unprecedented end-to-end execution. Tell me more…


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