Indbound and Outbound Logistics


Harmonized Incoterm structures in customer supply chains with reduced inbound
transportation and insurance cost as well as increased supply chain
control (Inbound Management) can reduce up to 15% your total supply chain cost.

Your products, our expertise

Tradia Global is specialized in developing and carrying out inbound & outbound logistics. How? Our performance control through control tower structures and defined key performance indicatos plus support by our BI solutions.

We can make your inbound & outbound leaner, which will surely shorten your time-to-market and ensure higher revenues.

Leaner, meaner Logistics!

  • Vendor managed inventory

    There are common needs across industries, eac hone has also its very own requirements.

  • Inbound to manufacturing

    Whether you have a standard shipment or a complex project, we make sure the proper parts are shipped to the right manufacturing spot.

  • Postponement

    Tradia Global makes it a daily mission to maximize your profits and minimize any risk.

  • Reverse logistics

    Benefit from our tailor-made logistics products and services foryou, in order to best meet your remanufacturing and refurbishing needs.

  • Empty returnables

    Did you know they must be delivered to the filling point with a key procedure and regulation? We do! Allow us to help!

  • Merge in transit

    Reduced logistics costs, shorter lead times, improved return of assets, productivity improvement. Great formula, huh?


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