Less than a Container Load

LCL offers the possibility of consolidating a variety shipments from multiple customers in one Full Container Load (FCL). It allows customers to ship low volumes without having the cost constrains of a full container. Therefore, LCL provides access for customers with lower volume shipments and scale up in ocean freight that are normally restricted to full container movements. Trust Tradia Global as a leading LCL service provider in the Iberian region.

Why do LCL services with Us?

Tradia Global’s network cis built by a wide vareity of direct LCL services and strategically located hubs. Our customers can rest assure and benefit from a logistically optimized budget, seamless flexibility and guaranteed door-to-door services with the widest reliability and schedule integrity in transit times.

  • Direct routings and reliable, fast shipments
  • (Barcelona – Hong Kong – Singapur – Shangai – Busan)
  • Custom pricing ( Commercial cargo only: no personal effects)
  • Cargo-damage risk downsize. We account reduced trans-loading
  • LCL network with worldwide reach for our customers’ business objectives

Flexible & Reliable

Tradia Global’s innovated LCL network establishes its place as one of the most flexible and reliable LCL service providers.

Smart Choices

As this movement of modal shift from air freight to ocean freight prospers, Tradia Global Internacional is allowing customers much more options and better choices by undertaking any transport, anywhere, anytime.

Close Monitoring

Instead of just expanding our LCL network, Tradia Global monitors and scans trade growth and worldwide economies by identifying routes to implement or improve an LCL service.

Benefits as a customer

  • Take advantage of maximized routing options with wide equipment and vessel space through preferred carriers
  • Service overall will improve while keeping your costs measured
  • Web-based trackingand monitoring tool to view your shipment status
  • Guaranteed seafreight capacities and easily adapt to increasing trade volumes through partnerships with strategic carriers – a must-have benefit when it we talk about managing global logistic chains